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Claire Stokes, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011, just three weeks after baby son Ethan was born. After Claire’s initial chemotherapy treatment in June 2012, the family were devastated to be told that the cancer had returned and Claire began her ongoing battle to survive.

Claire’s husband, Chef Robbie Stokes, previously Burj Al Arab’s Chef de Cuisine and Executive Chef at Al Badia Golf Club in Dubai was already well-known throughout the region for successfully raising breast cancer awareness through his initiative ‘The Pink Brigade’.  Sadly, Claire passed away in January 2015  just before her 40th birthday.

The Pink Brigade have successfully raised money and awareness to support Breast Cancer charities through the sale of bespoke Chefs Jackets emblazoned with the breast cancer awareness pink ribbon symbol. Many of Dubai’s Chefs wear these jackets today with pride, thanks to Chef Robbie and his dedication to Claire’s memory.

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One of the most important things that Claire did during our quest to establish Nourish was to tell her story on camera. Claire felt that she needed to let women know all over the world that you should not wait for a lump to appear as the first sign that something is wrong.  Even though Claire was undergoing chemotherapy, she still thought about other women and families facing the same horror story and wanted her voice to be heard.
The day of filming was very difficult for Claire who was in the midst of continuing chemotherapy treatment and apart from feeling very ill, she was also choosing to re-live some of the worst moments in her life on camera and she wanted her message to be a positive one.  Claire’s resilience, her strength, courage and her dignity are evident and shine brightly for all to see in the following three short films, ‘Claire’s Story – Living with Breast Cancer’.  Even though Claire passed away, she would still want you to share her story and therefore, please feel free to share Claire’s video’s with your friends, colleagues and families to keep her legacy burning brightly.

This video trilogy has been split into three subject categories. The first film, details Claire’s discovery and diagnosis of her breast cancer and the treatment choices she faced.

The second and possibly most emotional part, finds Claire candidly discussing her treatment options, the plans ahead and the effect chemotherapy had upon her physically and emotionally.

Finally, Claire shares her philosophy of ‘Optimum Nutrition for Optimum Health’ to sustain and support health and the encourage the absence of illnesses through nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.